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St Lucia

27th November 2018

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St Lucia

Shemmy J and the Dynamixx Band


We arrived in St Lucia and met up Shemmy J and the Dynamixx Band. These guys were great fun to be around, Shemmy J the singer-songwriter introduced us to a happy song about St Lucia, a perfect song for a perfect location. The aspiring artiste writes and sings R&B, dancehall, groovy and party soca. So much happiness in the air, an uplifting song always makes the day OK, especially hearing the catchphrase, “O-kay-lay-lay”!


St Lucia

Harbor Club


St Lucia, we came, we saw and we loved and laughed. Last night was a tremendous experience for us all, so glad we came here. Thank you for coming to the show and adding your wonderful energy to the room, all your presence made the evening extra special. We were surrounded by good vibes and you were all the life of the show.

Once again thank you for coming. We will remember this night forever.

Here are some pictures from the eve x