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Happy new year everyone ! I hope your having a fantastic January. Bring on 2022 I say. It’s going to be a cracker. This year We’ve got all sorts of fun things to make you smile on the way .

Come join me for cooking with Joss on facebook live. I’ll teach you a recipe and we’ll have a chat and maybe a bit of singing .

We’re recording new episodes of a Cuppa Happy podcast in just a few days. So very excited about shining a bit more light on how to help all of our happiness grow.

And the best thing to tell you is the we have a brand new album coming out in February! Just around the corner !!!!! Eeekk. It’s called ‘Never Forget my Love ‘ I wrote and recorded the entire record with the glorious Dave Stewart . It’s laces with string arrangement and horns galore , with soulful rhythm sections and stories from my heart

I really hope you all enjoy it .

So keep checking in on the web site as we’re going to bring you something new constantly this year .

Keep smiling people .

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Yum !! Thanks to everyone who joined me on our Sunday #cookingwithjoss. It was fun and ended in lots of pasty’s for us so win win situation. It reminded me of home. I miss it so much today. Right by the sea eating pasty’s now all I need is a pint.

Breaking Each Other’s Hearts

The official video is OUT NOW. This video was so emotional to make, the song brings me to tears as does life sometimes. I hope that at this time of year we can all remember that we’re not alone in our sadness. We are only human after all. Love is the reason, whether it be lack of or loss of love or an abundance of, at least it exists! Sending love your way xoxo




The Joss Stone Foundation was created in 2000 as part of her Total World Tour. She performed, collaborated with local musicians and visited charities in over 200 countries.

Joss intends to continue supporting the people she connected with and you can help be a part of it with the Joss Stone Foundation.

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Joss Stone with a group of villagers Joss Reading a Story with Children

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