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20th October 2018

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Tamassa Lounge


Spending time on the island Seychelles felt like a fairy-tale. Thank you all for coming to the show and making it more magical and thank you for adding a wonderful energy to the place. All your presence and energies made the evening special and memorable, we will not forget our time here.

See you all soon we hope. Here are some pictures from the night.

Team Joss x


Autism Seychelles Association


A great day was had, visiting a life-transforming charity in Seychelles called 'Autism Seychelles Association' where we spent some time with parents that have bought up children with autism and have formed a support group for other parents and children, sharing their experiences thus far and knowledge they have gathered along the way.

The government has donated a building which will be renovated into a school for the children. The much-needed facility will provide children with autism the specialised care and attention they need to learn and grow. The school is long overdue, but thankfully the project has the all the right ingredients to succeed and will empower the children to lead fuller happier more independent lives. The School promises to be a positive environment with dedicated staff focused on promoting effective learning to help improve a child's life.

The conversations we had and what we learned was inspiring, especially after meeting some of the lovely children. It was good to know they were in good hands and also knowing they had a brighter future ahead of them.

Thanks for having us and good luck with your mission! If you want to help them help others and for more information please visit the charities Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PearlSeychelles/