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24th July 2017

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David Zincke


It was great to collaborate with David Zincke and Sons Of Guns in Monaco. David's genre is a mix of folk, pop and blues. Many of us have songs that help us out when life seems helpless and some people can find solace in music.

A very beautiful and heart-warming song. Thanks for making our day extra special.


Sporting Summer Festival


We all had a superb night here in Monaco, in a fabulous majestic building, pleasing to the eyes. We loved the ambience and the energy in the venue was something to see. We felt quite honoured to be able to stand on such a majestic and historic stage. the atmosphere was like nothing else, a real joy to part of.

All round a good evening. Thank you, Monaco.

Team Joss xxx


The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation


We visited a lovely charity called The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation which is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale. The Foundation supports initiatives of public and private organisations, in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation and socially-aware practices.

The Foundation supports projects in three main geographical zones and focuses its efforts to focus on three main areas. Their mission is to establish partnerships in order to carry out projects and implement concrete activities in our priority action areas. Also, raise both the public's and the authorities' awareness of the impact of human activities on the natural environment and to encourage more environmentally-friendly behaviour. They want to encourage outstanding initiatives and innovative solutions by awarding prizes and grants.

We met up with the chief executive Oliver Wenden and learned about their goals and how important their projects were. One of their many amazing aims is the conservation of endangered species. If you have time please do have a look at all the different types of programs they're involved in to help save the planet's species. A really wonderful charity that we can look to as an inspiration of greatness when the environment is at its weakest.


Team Joss x