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Chisnau, Moldova

24th October 2017

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Chisnau, Moldova

Via Dacă


When we were in the beautiful country Moldova, known for its superb wine. Sat in a huge wine cellar was quite the experience, especially singing with the band Via Dacă. Their music is inspired by folklore and what a terrific sound they make. We all had an incredible time with the fellow musicians and would recommend anyone to listen to their music.

Watch the video and share if you wish…


Chisnau, Moldova

Filarmonica Nationala


Thanks for having us Moldova! You sure know how to have a good time. The audience were fully involved and this made the atmosphere a real joy to be a part of. The night exceeded expectations, especially with a wonderful crowd like you lot. We all had a fantastic evening and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. It was a happy vibe throughout.

We had a lot of fun exploring your beautiful country. You have been so welcoming and we hope to be back one day soon. Here are some pictures from the eve…..

Team Joss x