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29th July 2016

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Thanks to everyone who came to our show at this beautiful part of the world. We had two gigs in two days so it was a mad end to this leg of the tour but, all's well that ends well.

Had a lovely time in Greece, everyone we meet was so kind and helpful. Keep an eye out for some pics of some of our little excursions in the future.

Team Joss x



With the ongoing refugee crisis from neighbouring European countries, we had to see for ourselves the hardship and suffering which these people endure every day to survive. We came across a charity called help refugees which do more than help.

Help Refugees is the leading UK NGO in a new movement of humanitarian aid. Acting where governmental and other non-governmental bodies are unable to, they are working to fill the huge and terrifying gaps in services for those displaced by war in Europe and beyond. With no bureaucracy and minimal overheads, every pound they raise can be traced to its tangible impact on the ground.

They support a wide range of grassroots projects, from enabling the life-saving work of a rescue boat to providing hundreds of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to refugee camps, to getting the most vulnerable people out of these camps and into proper homes.

We visited a refugee camp in Greece and saw the refugees living their daily life's. It was wonderful what the staff and volunteers were doing to make their standard of living more bearable. We can only hope that they find long-term living accommodation and live a safe and happier life.