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Cardiff, Wales

15th October 2017

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Cardiff, Wales

Kizzy Crawford


We had a great evening meeting up with Kizzy Crawford, a Bajan - Welsh singer, songwriter from Wales. Her style of music is fusing bilingual soul-folk jazz and what an exceptional sound she makes which is so pleasing to the ears. The song we sang is a message to everyone not to listen to bullies and that you're beautiful inside and out. Music like this can help us express emotions which are hard to verbalize.... that have powerful messages and sounds that touch us in some special way.

Cardiff, Wales

St David's Hall


The atmosphere from Cardiff, Wales was incredible, A brilliant and interactive crowd made all the difference.

As the night progressed everyone was in the mood for dancing and singing which was fantastic to see. Everything about the night was spectacular, the backing singers, the orchestra and the audience made it a worthwhile concert. It was all so lovely. We would most definitely be coming back again.

A big thank you from the team. Here are our pictures from the evening…..

Team Joss x