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18th January 2018

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Apio Moro


It was a pleasure to meet up with Apio Moro from Uganda, she is an afro-soul musician using her storytelling songs to create beautiful messages via her passionate vocal style. She writes all of her own music in her beautiful language, Japadhola with some English involved also. The song we sang was a great message to people who seem to be given opportunities, however, they never seem to take hold of them. The song encourages people to take those opportunities to help themselves to be better.
Music is an effective way to engage an audience and give out meaningful advice. You never know maybe this could encourage a few couch lovers to stand up and do something!

It was lovely to spend some quality time with a wonderful lady. Please check out her lovely song and share if you wish.....



Design Hub


Another great show! Thank you for coming, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Performing to a wonderful crowd gave us even more energy to spread some love through music around the world. The hours of planning and rehearsing that Steve our magic guitarist has put in has really paid off somehow he is playing the bass drums guitar and singing backing vocals. Amazing! the Joss team wanted to give you that unique experience which you all deserve.

Uganda we all enjoyed the precious short time we had with you. What we saw, you are an amazing breath-taking place. We sure want to experience your lovely country again.

Team Joss x