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Zanzibar, Tanzania

27th November 2016

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Zanzibar, Tanzania



Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Ashimba from Tanzania.

Zanzibar, Tanzania


Tanzania Well this was a gig to remember! So intimate and so much fun. One of the best yet. We really like playing small venues as there is a real connection with the crowd and this gig was no different. People from all parts of the globe were present and they all made us feel special.

Thanks a lot to the Red Monkey Lodge for having us and thanks to everyone who came and danced the night away. We won't be forgetting this one in a hurry.

Team Joss xxx

Zanzibar, Tanzania


We visited an inspiring charity in Tanzania which helps Aquaculture and Marine Protection. They initiate the development of sustainable sponge and coral farms. The sponges are sought after in the cosmetic, painting and nursing industries. Coral is needed for aquariums, as well as for reconstruction of damaged reefs.

The farms are independently operated by members of the community. Their products are Fair Trade products. They construct artificial reefs together with members of the local population to show the significance of the marine habitat for erosion protection and as a means of attracting tourism. They protect coral reefs from anchor damage by installing mooring buoys. They also develop sustainable fishing management of the local coastal waters in agreement with local fisherman. Furthermore, they establish general fishing ban protection zones.

It was wonderful to see such charities exist and it's lovely to witness the hard work that the charity do in terms of protecting the ocean’s resources. Importantly what they do for the women who are now learning to swim and sustainably farm the sponges in turn becoming self-sufficient individuals, this job allows them to provide for their family and spread the word about how important the ocean is to our planet. We had an amazing experience and a lesson on how quickly the ocean resources are dying, and how important it is that we work tirelessly to save them.

#JSTWT To find out more please visit their website here…