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Lima, Peru

3rd March 2015

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Joss Stone Peru

Lima, Peru

Amaru Pumac Kuntur


Here is a video of our collaboration in Peru. What a great bunch of guys. We had an awesome session in front of an ancient pyramid in Lima, Huaca Pucllana. The positive energy was certainly flowing and I think you’ll like this great band. They travelled all the way from Cusco to join us which is over 20 hours on a bus. We are so glad they made the journey as it was a great collaboration.

Please visit they’re Facebook page and check out their stuff…


Joss -x-x-x- Photos Taken by Harry Stoker on a Sony A7SGIG

Lima, Peru

Huaca Pucllana
3rd March 2015


Here are the photos from the gig in Peru. We had an amazing gig at the Huaca Pucllana in front of a stunning ancient pyramid. The crowd was so welcoming and warm and as far as I can tell they liked the new material. Sadly I had such a short stay in Lima and in fact I am righting this in Santiago, Chile where we’re just about play another gig.

Peace and love Joss. -x-x-x- Photos taken by Harry Stoker using a Sony A7S.

Lima, Peru

Sense International


So our charity visit in Peru was to a great organisation called Sense International. They take it upon themselves to help support and fund the education of children with sensory disabilities. Some of the children we met were deaf, blind, had seriously impaired vision and in a couple of cases completely deaf and blind.

Amazingly (in the case of the deaf and blind children) the people at Sense can help these children learn to communicate in ways in which most people do not realise is possible. From using different shaped objects to communicate what they desire to touching the vocal chords of the teachers and use the vibrations to understand what they are saying.

Sadly, as with most charities, they are under funded and need all of our help. The teachers get paid considerably less than if they were teaching fully able kids. Its a balance that needs shifting.

Please visit their website for more information…