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Asuncion, Paraguay

21st March 2015

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Asuncion, Paraguay

Nicolas Carter


Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Nicolas Carter from Paraguay back in 2014.

Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay
Banco Central Theatre


This gig was another first for us. We have never played within the compounds of a central bank. I know it sounds crazy but I really never had, and now I have I can tick that one off the list. Phew. Anyway it was a great show and a warm crowd as always. Thanks to all who came and hope to play in Paraguay again one day.

Team Joss -x-x-x- Photos taken by Harry Stoker using a Sony A7S

Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay
Plan Paraguay


We spent the afternoon with an organisation called Plan Paraguay. They are the Paraguayan sector of a larger of the Plan Charity which is based all over the world and their main priority is to reduce the harm that children and humans in general suffer on a global scale. Whether that harm comes from environmental, economical, educational, psychological or even physical sources (or all of the above), Plan are there getting their hands dirty, and trying their best to help.

Plan Paraguay are currently focused on an issue in Asuncion that stems from the river banks. Rio Paraguay burst it’s banks back in mid 2014 with water reaching up to 7.2 metres. This quickly became a disaster zone because many people live in the area, and the Catuera rubbish tip was also in the flood plane, which meant that the water became contaminated.

For more info on the flood click here… http://floodlist.com/america/paraguay-floods-asuncion-faces-environmental-disaster-river-flood-toxic-dump

Anyway, we met with a lady called Mariella who had been working around the world with Plan for around 20 years and she showed us the Rio Paraguay, the dump and the people who were affected by the disaster. When Mariella arrived in Asuncion the houses were literally underwater and she had to get a boat in amongst all of the roof tops. Since her arrival and with the help of countless volunteers they have managed to restore the area back to some form of normality.

We visited a local school with Mariella’s team and spoke to some of the locals and the children shared their experiences with us. Once again we were shocked to see such optimism on everyone's faces. Although the chips were down they were not frowning. The one thing that would solve any future problems is relocating the people to a new home away from the flood plane and away from the dump. Sadly however, it’s not that simple. The tip provides the main source of employment in the area so moving away would cause serious financial difficulties. There is also a deep mistrust in the government who are encouraging the move. Hopefully a solution can be found soon as mother nature tends not to care for human stubbornness.

Please visit their website for more info about their work and also if you wish to donate and/or volunteer…


Team Joss -x-x-x- Photos taken by Hannah Spencer and Pete Innacombe