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Nicaragua, Managua

18th January 2016

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Nicaragua, Managua

Mario Sacasa


Our visit to Nicaragua back in 2016 was a wonderful encounter, especially meeting up with the musician singer-songwriter and guitarist Mario Sacasa. His music is a rich rhythmic mix that reflects the musical traditions and folkloric whispers of his native Nicaragua. Sat on the Old Cathedral of Managua, known as the Catedral de Santiago in Spanish, was a rare experience and one that will remember for the rest of time.


Nicaragua, Managua

Nicaragua, Managua
Teatro Nacional


Here are the pics from last nights show... Thanks to everyone that came and especially those who got up and had a dance. We've had a great time here in Nicaragua and now we're gonna head to Costa Rica! If you all enjoyed the show and our new songs please listen to my album 'Water For Your Soul' which can be found at www.jossstone.com.

Photos taken by Harry Stoker using a Sony A7S.

Nicaragua, Managua

Managua, Nicaragua
Fundación Futuro de Nicaragua


For our charity visit in Nicaragua we met up with a man called Mario Sacasa (who you will see later on as well as he is quite the dab hand on a guitar) he showed us around a small section of the Foundation. He wants to help anyone in Nicaragua obtain a wheelchair if they need one. Not just any wheelchair however, a custom one that suits their needs and fits them like a glove.

We watched a young boy called Noel who has Cerebral Paulsy get measured up for his first ever wheel chair at the age of 6. His mother had been carrying him around for his entire life so this will not only make Noels life butter but his Mother’s too.

The Future of Nicaragua has been in partnership with some wheelchair suppliers but that is due to end next year so they will need all the donations they can get so they can keep giving wheelchairs for many years to come. As well as provide wheelchairs The Future of Nicaragua Foundation helps to: - Provide safe and effective surgical care for children born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities to improve their quality of life. - Bring running water to rural schools with the use of renewable energy systems; primarily hydraulic pumps that do not need electricity or fuel. - Bring art, music, dance and poetry programs to seniors in nursing homes throughout Nicaragua to enhance their quality of life. - Install greenhouses in rural schools where children have the main role in planting trees for reforestation.

It is a really beautiful charity. Mario who came back to Nicaragua from a comfortable life in USA has dedicated his time and energy to help his fellow people in need. What a lovely human being. For more information please visit


Photos by Harry Stoker using a Sony A7S.