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Tela, Honduras

15th January 2016

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Tela, Honduras

Tela, Honduras
Tela Railroad Company


So we had a great gig in Tela, Honduras a few nights ago. We played in a building that is 100 years old and is a small museum of sorts. This gig should help restore the building to it's former self one day so very happy about that. The gig itself went really well and the crowd were great.

Leon, playing his first gig did a superb job and it was also a first as we played the entire show acoustically. We ended with a song from Aurelio Martinez and I got another chance to sing in Garifuna (the first during our collaboration together) which was lots of fun. -xxx-

Tela, Honduras

Miami, Honduras
Prolansate Foundation


Our charity visit in Honduras was a beautiful day out. We visited a nature reserve named after a woman who died for her right's to be there. Our guide and Prolansate Foundation volunteer Ferdinand, showed us around the open lagoon and windy mangrove waterways whilst telling us all about the plentiful wildlife and also about Jeanette Kawas.

Jeanette spent most of her days trying to protect this area from over fishing, deforestation and other environmental impacts and it cost her her life. She was murdered by someone with other ideas about the area, but her name still lives on today.

Please visit the Prolansate Foundation website to find out more about this beautiful area and the many other things they do... http://www.prolansate.org/

Photos by Christian Sennett & Harry Stoker using the Sony A7S