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Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

21st January 2017

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Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Nelida Karr


Here is a video of a collaboration with an artist called Nelida Karr from Equatorial Guinea #JSTWT

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


What a great vibe this wonderful gig was. It was a perfect start for this part of the tour. The crowd we're a good mixture of people singing and dancing along. Some shyer than others but everyone was there with the right spirit and for the right reasons. A little bird told me that we raised 10,000 dollars for the orphanage that night. How brilliant!

Thank you, Equatorial Guinea, you are a beautiful country. This tour is so much fun. Every time I step off the plane into another country I learn a little more about this planet we call home. Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey. Here are some pics from the gig.

#JSTWT Team Joss xxx

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea


We visited the Orphanage of Malabo, Equatorial Guinea (Nuestra SeƱora de la Almudena of Malabo) As the gate of the orphanage opened, we were greeted with smiling faces of children and we could see the happiness in their eyes. It was a heart-warming experience so good to see there was a lot of love and care for these children who have either been abandoned or the parents aren't equipt to care for them properly.

We were very touched by the warm welcome. And mostly by the great work, these lovely people do for the well-being of the children. The orphanage was founded in the early 1940's by the Sisters of the Maria and they have been helping the sick and abandoned children ever since. They provide the children with education, clothing, food, medical care and a home.

Their aim is to give them unconditional support until adulthood as a family and as mothers. I must point out that there is nothing put in place to enable the children to be adopted. So once they arrive at the orphanage that is where they stay till they are 23 . I wish wholeheartedly that this situation could be changed.

I believe there is a way to make it possible to create a system that allows people to adopt. However, it seems that no one has done it yet and it looks to me like no one is trying. Please correct me if I am wrong as it would make my day. If you are a lawyer or just a very smart passionate person that wants a challenge please use your gift to help change this for the children.

There has to be a way to sort that out. Someone has to begin the process if anyone has any ideas let us know.

#JSTWT For more information please visit: - http://orfanatomalabo.weebly.com/

Joss xxx