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Praia, Cape Verde

6th April 2019

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Praia, Cape Verde

Erick & the Double Jack


In beautiful Cape Verde, we met up with the band Erick & the Double Jack. Singing a love song on a bright sunny day in a gorgeous part of the world, was a highlight of our visit. Everyone needs a bit of Joy and happiness in their lives and this song does just that. Their style of music is a mix of rock, blues, soul and afro jazz. It was great we got to have a jam with them, they were all so lovely. Have a watch and listen, see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

Team Joss x


Praia, Cape Verde

Hotel Pestana, Cape Verde


Cape Verde, a stunning little island just off the coast of Africa, we arrived not knowing what to expect. The people, the place and the wildlife made the trip all worthwhile.

The night was so much fun, there was a buzz in the air and the venue was full of a vibrant crowd just wanting to enjoy the eve. We all felt extremely blessed to be there, it was a highly enjoyable weekend, thanks to everyone who came and saw us. A brilliant night and one to remember.

Thank you for having us and thank you Luhena Correia De Sá for looking after us. We also raised €10,000 from the show with all proceeds going to Plataforma-MAKOBO which will help buy food supplies and support people in Beira in Mozambique who have been badly hit by flooding.