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Douala, Cameroon

23rd January 2017

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Douala, Cameroon

Teety Tezano


Here is a video of a collaboration we did with a singer called Teety Tezano in Cameroon.

Douala, Cameroon


Well, what a fun gig this was the other night. What a lovely little venue. Great sound great people what more could you ask for! We all had a really good time and the crowd made us feel so welcome.

Thanks, Cameroon, It was lovely to meet so many friendly people. we wish we could have stayed longer. Maybe next time. Would love to come back one day.

#JSTWT Team Joss xxx

Douala, Cameroon


In Cameroon we visited a wonderful charity called Community Development Network, their main focus is on rural poverty reduction. They try and eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition. They also help raise their incomes and improve the quality of their lives. Their latest project is the Menstrual Hygiene Project. The aim is to provide sustainable menstrual hygiene products and education to girls in rural Cameroon to help keep them in school. Girls in Cameroon miss an average of 4 days of school per month because of their period, meaning they fall behind in their lessons.

CDN provide girls with supplies and knowledge needed to prioritise their education. Their workshops focus on destigmatizing menstruation, answering questions, and providing important reproductive health information. On the day we attended a workshop for these girls which discussed the life-changing effects of education and the barriers that can get in the way. They were given products to help with menstrual practices and shown how to use them. The nurses involved were very informative. These projects have had real impact and so far the results have been promising. Only a fully holistic approach can rid communities of discriminatory social norms.

#JSTWT For further information please visit http://www.codevnet.org/

Team Joss xxx