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Bansko, Bulgaria

13th August 2016

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Bansko, Bulgaria

Neli Andreeva


Back in 2016, we met up with incredible Bulgarian singer Neli Andreeva, she is a renowned folk singer and soloist, fans of Bulgarian folk music invariably associate her name with the song Malka Moma (Little girl) which has come to be her calling card. A unique and beautiful sound and so pleasing to the ear. We were so fortunate to meet and collaborate with Nelia, have a listen and see what you think!


Bansko, Bulgaria


Another day and another surprising show on the Total World Tour. We played in a small town a few hours away from the capital of Sofia. It seemed like a quiet little ski town but the audience proved us wrong.

It was such a great reception from everyone who came. Thanks to those who got up and danced and thanks to those who sang along. Got another show tonight in Serbia. Maybe see you there?

Team Joss -x-x-x-
Photos taken by Stokography using a Sony A7S.

Bansko, Bulgaria


Bulgarian Fund for Women, definitely, yay for women. An inspiring charity we visited in Bulgaria that raises funds and gives grants to local non-governmental organisations (NGO's) working to advance women’s and girls’ rights, eliminate gender stereotypes and achieve gender equality in all spheres of life. Take a look at the video and see for yourselves the women we met dedicating their time and effort in building a world free of discrimination and inequality. It is so important that all girls and women have equal opportunities and are given the same choices as everyone else.

For more information, please their website: