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Newcastle, Barbados

20th January 2019

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Newcastle, Barbados

Naniki Music Festival, Barbados


Barbados, Wow! What can I say, Naniki Music Festival, just so full of colour, music, good food and good people dancing in the grass as if we were in our back gardens having a picnic with a beer, It was so mellow and full of life.

This festival did not disappoint, the atmosphere was incredible with an amazing crowd who were just up for having a good time. Thanks for being great hosts, we won't be forgetting our time with you, that’s for sure. We all feel extremely blessed by coming here. Please don't change, Barbados.

Newcastle, Barbados


A place of safety for our feline/doggy friends on the beautiful island of Barbados.

This charity was definitely worth a visit, we admire everything The Hope Sanctuary Barbados stands for, the place is amazing, by far the best kept animal shelter we have seen so far on the total world tour and the affection they give to all the animals in their care is above and beyond.

The dogs don’t have kennels as such they have doggy gardens, it’s clear this place has been set up and is being run properly and with massive amounts of love. The organisation recuses cats and dogs, 165 in total are there right now but over the years literally, thousands have been saved.

The animals are well looked after and they re-home them only into the best possible environments, they also help educate pet owners in creating a healthy environment for their animals. The work they do here is marvellous.

The owners have spent many years dedicating their lives to this haven and have now come to a place where they are now looking for a couple who are vibrant, driven, focussed and loving to take this place on and continue giving the dogs and cats as much care they are getting now. It really is a beautiful spot looking over the ocean with lots of room for dogs to play in amongst the flowers and toys.

If you’re reading this and you think you fancy a new adventure helping save animals on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, please get in touch with us at the joss stone foundation (www.jossstone.com/contact) we may be able to help make that happen???? How exciting to be part of something so good.

You can donate to this cause through the Joss Stone Foundation via GoFundMe link: https://bit.ly/2tulQRo

For more information about the animal sanctuary, please visit their website https://www.thehopesanctuarybarbados.com/