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7th June 2018

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Willis and the Illest Reggae band


On our last bit of the Total World Tour, we met up with the incredible Willis and the Illest Reggae band from the Bahamas on a desert island all to ourselves. Flying over the tiny islands on a seaplane looked magnificent, once on the ground singing a song called "Truth Search", a song about acceptance and fighting for what you believe in, had a great feel-good vibe to it. Music can help in all kinds of situations and it is possible to also find solace in music, this song definitely proves that. We feel really blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful people.

Thank you for having us & thanks @transislandairways for the lift in the seaplane.



Bond Nightclub


Another amazing stop on the Total World Tour. The show was a good turnout with fantastic vibes coming from the people of the Bahamas. Beautiful country and beautiful people. We didn't expect anything less. 149 countries. How time flies!

We have almost spread our music to the entire world with love and joy throughout. What an adventure this has been, loving every minute of this wonderful journey.

Team Joss xx