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28th November 2017

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Toty Sa'med


We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Toty Sa'med from Angola, his influences range from psychedelic rock to jazz. With our acoustic guitars overlooking the unique city of Luanda singing with Toty was a highlight of this trip. The elegance and beauty of the song's lyrics fullfed a perfect day.

Watch, have a listen and see what you think?



Clube Naval


Wow, thank you, Angola for having us. You brought lots of bliss and happiness to our show, a lovely introduction to this part of the Total World Tour. We were all so glad to be surrounded by a friendly bunch of people, as soon as we got on the stage we knew we were in for a good time. It was really nice to see people smiling, enjoying the music and having a little boogie.

Massive thanks to everyone who came along, it was a fantastic evening and we hope to be back one day soon. You have inspired us, even more, to keep going….

Team Joss x