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Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary in Barbados

Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary in Barbados was formerly known as the Hope Sanctuary. Joss visited the sanctuary in Barbados and met with the previous owner, Cornelia, who had been doing a great job in difficult circumstances, for a long time. Cornelia has now handed over to Karen who will continue the work of the sanctuary with a new name and new team.

There is ‘no-kill’ policy and care will continue for the animals, mostly dogs and cats, who will be well cared for the duration of their natural lives unless someone steps forward to adopt them. The sanctuary has many needs, from basic animal care (including monthly flea, tick and worming medications) food and vet bills to maintenance of the property. Karen hopes to work with the local youth community on animal kindness and awareness as well as creating space for animal therapy for people who are at a nearby substance abuse rehab centre. 

We are happy to have been able to help Ocean Acres through the transition to their new ownership and were able to give a small grant to help with immediate and urgent animal care needs during this process thanks to your donations and support. The needs continue as more animals join the sanctuary regularly and as there is a no-kill policy the vet, food and medication bills do not stop! At the moment there are 45 dogs and 69 cats who need looking after. If you would like to continue to support Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary please click here. If you are visiting Barbados you can contact Karen and her team to ask what might be useful to take for the sanctuary in your suitcase. If you are an animal lover in Barbados please adopt, don’t shop, Ocean Acres has lots of lovely family pets available to loving homes.