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The Joss Stone Foundation

Drop For Drop Mumbai

We have some wonderful news thanks to the Joss Stone Foundation, which have helped raise money for the charity Drop4Drop, who have built a well and provided the community of Bukula in Uganda access to safe clean water. We are absolutely delighted that this has happened and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of our donors and Drop4Drop. Thank you!

The community members of Bukula relied on a pond for all their water needs. The same water was used for washing, cooking and drinking, causing many illnesses within the community. By installing this clean water project, 370 people will have access to a sustainable source of clean water, improving their health and providing an opportunity for a brighter future!

The Joss Stone Foundation has changed the lives of 1588 people through Drop4Drop, which is amazing! You can view both of Joss’ clean water projects on the Drop4Drop website here: www.drop4drop.org/projects/client/joss-stone/.