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Joss Stone’s ‘Shock’ Win in The Masked Singer

Not only did Joss win the title MASKED SINGER 2021, but also an exclusive bottle of limited edition, premium champagne, which Joss has decided to auction off to raise funds for her Joss Stone Foundation. Joss has also signed the case to make it more unique.

The foundation supports a long list of charities from all over the world, the successful bidder will have a choice of which charity their money will benefit.

The auction is now closed. The winner will be soon contacted.

The Joss Stone Foundation appriecates your donations, lives are being transformed around the world and it’s thanks to you. 

Singer/songwriter Joss Stone has confessed to being ‘in shock’ after winning Season 2 of The Masked Singer UK. The show’s final episode, featuring Joss’s renditions of whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance with Somebody and Andra Day’s Rise Up, averaged a staggering 8.6 million viewers, peaking at 10.6 million. Commenting on her experience, the artist revealed she was in no way prepared to win:

‘I honestly am still in shock. Every night I thought I was going to be unmasked. I even got my roots and lashes done at the very beginning to be ready.’

In keeping with her laid-back nature, she also admitted to not being entirely familiar with the show’s rules before starring in it: 

‘If I am honest I didn’t really know the rules of the game before I got there. I thought it was if the panel guess you correctly then you have to be unmasked but no, it was the audience that voted for who they liked. Eek!’

With self-deprecating humour, Joss attributed her win to her quirky sausage outfit rather than her obvious talent:

‘I just can’t believe I got so lucky to get so far. I think it was the costume that they liked rather than the singing. But hey ho as long as they were smiling and laughing we all did our jobs well.’

The singer also commented on how ‘very hard’ it was to keep her participation on the show a secret: 

‘People around me were constantly trying to guess what I was doing in these weeks. Some people even got mad because I wouldn’t tell them. It’s really been quite funny how crazy people get when you keep secrets from them. Madness!’

A small percentage of viewers guessed Sausage’s identity correctly, but more popular proposals in the run-up to the final included Loose Women’s Stacy Solomon and Cilla star Sheridan Smith. 

Smith expressed her gratitude to panellist Jonathan Ross for ‘thinking I could sing anywhere near as well as Joss Stone’, disclosing that some of her nearest and dearest also thought she might have been Sausage.

In response to a fan who had a similar inkling, Smith tweeted: 

 ‘If it makes you feel better, even my fella and my manager thought it might be me at one point and that I’d done it on the sly.’

If one thing’s certain, Joss Stone aka Sausage kept millions of viewers enthralled and on their toes in this year’s hit series – well done, Joss! 

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